Fiber DAS

HELIOS has over 15 years experiences of designing and providing fiber optic coverage system today knows as Distributed Antenna System (DAS), which are commonly used to improve wireless coverage in venues varying in size from small to high-capacity. HELIOS DAS’ ability to support adaptable, expandable, multiple-sectors, multi-carriers and multi-frequencies as well as all commercial and public safety spectrums mark it unique among the multitude of other wireless coverage solutions available on the market.

Off-Air Repeater

HELIOS Technologies is the global leader in public safety coverage and help our customers to provide secure communications for the emergency services in building and infrastructure complexes including airports, government establishments, tunnels and metros. HELIOS digital off-air repeaters span 88MHz to 2690MHz (VHF/DMR/TETRA/UHF/GSM-R/LTE) are based on patented digital DSP (digital signal processing) technology and use a SDR (software defined radio) architecture that is the most advanced in the industry, which allow for an almost infinite number of possibilities for filtering radio channels and other blocks of RF spectrum, our products are also used to provide external coverage complimenting that available from a base station and in many cases at a fraction of the cost.


FM Break-in System


A FM break-in system is a solution for interrupting ongoing transmissions in road tunnels or any other public area where people needs to be notified in case of emergency, like fire or accidents. These kind of systems are mainly developed and designed to be used in road tunnels, but is also suitable for use in train stations, parking garages, shopping center or other places where a break-in system can be used, not necessary for emergency but also for information.


HELIOS FM Break-in System is a digital optic CPRI transport system, which can enable start and cascading connection.

Wireless Backhaul PtP/PtMP


HELIOS FiberOnAirTM 600 High-capacity Point-to-Multipoint (HPMP) series is a innovate high-capacity Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Backhaul solution, excellent for operation in heavily congested unlicensed & licensed bands in Sub-6GHz where spectrum resource is scare.



Delivering up to 600Mbps per sectors FiberOnAirTM 600 series is the ideal choice for last mile connectivity, and high-end applications requiring

guaranteed SLA. It ensures revenue growth for residential and enterprise service provider by delivering fiber-like connectivity with incomparable resiliency.


Indoor Positioning & Identification


Demand for mobile services is exploding and one of fastest growing segments is Location Based Service (LBS), primarily driven by two major requirements: emergency services and commercial applications. For emergency services, the most significant driver is the FCC’s E911 mandate in the US, which requires location (with certain accuracy limits) of emergency callers to be provided. A wide variety of commercial applications, such as maps and location-based advertising, also need fast and accurate positioning performance.



HELIOS® iLOCALIZERTM Close-Proximity 4G Cellular Sensor deliver an entirely new layer of precision location & Identification intelligence with low-cost for use in two key application areas:

  • Presence for Safe Cities
  • Presence for Big Data Analytics