HELIOS® Powers High-Reliability

Wireless Connectivity on the Move

HELIOS® MOBIfiber™ High-reliability Train-to-ground communications solution ensures continuous high-speed wireless connectivity between trains or metros and network control centers.

HELIOS® advanced MOBIfiber™ solution based on Private LTE, LTE-V2X and LTE-U technology is deployed in railway and metro systems, powering applications such as Wi-Fi for passengers, real-time high-definition CCTV, PIS, signaling, CBTC, PIDS, PAS, sensors, alerts and more.

Operating in Challenging outdoor conditions and in underground tunnels, MOBIfiber™ complies with Railway industry standards and delivers unmatched high-reliability, low latency, large capacity, high-speed mobility and precise positioning features for train operator or vendors.

Transportation Applications

Passenger Wi-Fi

Real-Time CCTV


HELIOS® MOBIfiber™ Solution Architecture

MOBIfiber™ is composed of three elements: the Trackside RSU (RoadSide Unit), the Vehicular OBU (OnBoard Unit) and a Suite of Management & Monitoring tools.

  • Trackside RSU (RoadSide Unit)

    Acts as a “Base Station” and is deployed along the train route to provide continuous coverage, connectivity and authentication to rolling stock. Each RSU is deployed with multiple antennas and operates in auto Diversity/MIMO modes (based on requirements and topology). RSUs are typically deployed at intervals reaching 1KM/0.6miles underground or 5KM/3miles above ground (based on topology and country regulations.

  • Vehicular OBU (OnBoard Unit)

    Installed on-board the rolling-stock and connected to designated train antennas to assure continuous communications with the nearest RSU. It is possible to install two RSUs on-board the train to enhance resiliency and coverage.

  • Suite of Management & Monitoring tools

    Including a cloud-based or On-premise central network management system, real-time performance monitoring and offline performance analysis applications.

HELIOS® MOBIfiber™ Redundancy Architecture

Train Control System, such as ATC (Automatic Train Control), IXL (Interlocking), CBTC (Communication-based Train Control) and CTC(Centralized Traffic Control), are a Critical Systems. Adopting a hardware redundant architecture is a vital requirement to detect faults in the train control systems.

HELIOS® MOBIfiberTM adopts active redundancy architectures both on hardware and air link. Two Trackside RSUs along the train route. Each RSU will be cover one side of the train route with a high gain directional panel MIMO antenna; Two Vehicular OBUs are deployed on both ends of the train. Each OBU will be configured on a different carrier (Channel), so it will set up two active wireless links for redundancy. MOBIfiberTM will automatically select the backup wireless link upon fault or bad signal quality on main wireless link.

MOBIfiber™ Highlights

  • Incorporates advanced OFDMA & 27 MCS levles based upon Private LTE, LTE-V2X and LTE-U technologies, MOBIfiber™ enables operating in near and non line-of-sight (nLOS/NLOS) conditions and in environments where there is high interference.
  • High reliability and high capacity - 150Mbps (One carrier 20MHz) per train.
  • Extended coverage per RSU, reducing the number of track-side installation required and saving upon substantial infrastructure cost (e.g. poles, electricity, network) as well as on-going maintenance, which are reduced by a typical ratio of 1:5 to 1:15 when compared with other Wi-Fi/Mesh Wi-Fi based solutions.
  • Embedded GPS, GLONASS or Beidou (Option) chips in vehicular OBU enables precise positioning.
  • Support train speeds of up to 360 kmh / 224 mph.
  • Seamless roaming between radio base stations with a handover time of < 30msec.
  • Full synchronized network that operates on a common time base for all radio base stations, eliminating potential mutual radio reference. This capability is essential for maintaining high and consistent throughput along all routes and operational scenarios.
  • Low and fixed latency and jitter critical for delay sensitive applications such as video and VoIP.
  • Over-the-air QoS enabling service transmission prioritization with assured SLA.

Powered by HELIOS® MOBIfiber™

High-reliability broadband, 150Mbps @ 20MHz per train

Supports train speeds of 224mph / 360kmh