• Making Connectivity Everywhere

    Reliable wireless connectivity is mandatory for public safety, HELIOS provides the most advanced wireless solution, so you have coverage in places where your business or life need it most.

  • Smart Cellular Coverage

    Helios most versatile smart Digital Repeaters based upon SDR technology can solve mobile and stationary cellular coverage problems.

  • Radio Coverage in transport tunnels is essential

    For consumers and professional users alike radio coverage in enclosed spaces is increasingly seen as essential – and nowhere more so than in road and railway tunnels, where highly reliable systems are needed for smooth operations and to protect travellers.

  • Intelligent Transport Communications

    HELIOS’s comprehensive portfolio of industry leading DAS solutions are ideal to enable transit system administrators to deliver clear communication for passengers in any airport, railway, subway, tunnel, or highway including VHF, UHF, DMR, TETRA, P25, GSM-R and LTE-R in one unified solution.

  • Security anywhere at anytime

    To ensure the perfect function of Critical Communication Network, also in extreme environments that have weak or even lacks public safety network coverage totally. including UHF/VHF Radio, MotoTRBO, TETRA, ASTRO P-25, Public Safety LTE, DMR & PMR, FM & DAB Radio Rebroadcasting System with Emergency Break-In Message Systems.


    HELIOS® advanced MOBIfiber™ Train-to-ground solution based on Private LTE, LTE-V2X and LTE-U technology is deployed in railway and metro systems, powering applications such as Wi-Fi for passengers, real-time high-definition CCTV, PIS, signaling, CBTC, PIDS, PAS, sensors, alerts and more.

  • Smart Public Safety DAS & BDA for Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

    Essential in-building wireless communications save lives.  HELIOS In-building wireless communications based on SDR & DSP technologies are best choice for public safety emergency responders.

Featured Products


Helios has served the European Market for 15 years with Cellular & Public Safety End-to-End Wireless Network Solutions.

With our new Düßeldorf Office and production & service center in Athens, we are introducing our extensive Portfolio of 5G O-RAN, 4G & 5G RAN, Cellular & Public Safety / Critical Communications Digital Repeaters, Digital CPRI Optical DAS, FiberOnAir™ sub-6GHz OFDMA NLOS Wireless Backhaul. Our Technologies span 88 MHz to 5890 MHz which supports GSM, UMTS, TETRA, DMR, AM & FM & DAB, VHF & UHF, LTE and 5G NR technologies.

For Cellular market, our core product portfolio includes Active & Passive DAS, Digital Repeaters, 4G & 5G RAN, 5G NR O-RAN (vBBU, FHGW/HUB, pRRU, AAU and mRRU) combine SDR (Software Defined Radio) Technology based upon our Proprietary FPGA & DSP Algorithms, and offering turnkey solutions for indoor and outdoor 2G/3G/4G/5G to our global customers. Our services range includes consultation, network design, optimization and commissioning.

For Public Safety / Critical Communication market, our core product portfolio includes all Mission Critical & Cellular bands 88M to 5890MHz. Technologies include AM / FM / DAB+ Emergency Message Break-In, VHF Simplex / Duplex, UHF DMR/PMR, TETRA, BB-PPDR (LTE-PS), GSM-R and now Mission Critical 5G. Our 4G&5G O-RAN-based Private Network / CBRS, Digital Repeaters and Optical DAS combine SDR (Software Defined Radio) Technology based upon our Proprietary FPGA & DSP Algorithms. We offer a full design complement of Digital Off-Air Repeaters in scalable Power and Gain, Single and Multi-Band; as well as Digital CPRI Optical Transport Systems for large Venue deployment and Analog Optical Transport Systems for smaller Venues. Our Products address a wide variety of Markets, including Road and Rail Tunnels, METRO’s, Stadiums, Campuses, Tall Office Towers, Convention Centers, Oil & Gas, Wind Farms and other verticals.

Based on our rich experience in Cellular & Public Safety Wireless Network, Smart Cities, Wireless Backhaul and Network Security solutions, we have been familiar with each detail of the whole network engineering, including site survey, equipment installation, commissioning, acceptance, service-in and after-sale service, And we have kept providing high-quality products and technical support services to help each customer solve their problems.

The highest priority of Helios is customer's satisfaction and product innovation.


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Support train speeds of up to 360 kmh / 224 mph. Seamless roaming between radio base stations with a handover time of < 30msec. Full synchronized network that operates on a common time base for all radio…

Our Solutions

We provide various advanced & innovation systems of Cellular & Public Safety Wireless Network inside some of the world's most challenging environments - such as cities & downtowns, inbuilding, airports & seaports, tunnels, metro & train, campus & stadium, rural & village, Underground Mine and etc.