HELIOS® Multi-Band Multi-Operator Analog Fiber-Optic DAS

Flexible Wireless Coverage and Capacity

With the development of mobile communication technology, more and more new communication technologies (like 4G) are being adopted. Hence, telecom operators have to handle multi-system simultaneity and provide multi-system (2G/3G/4G) services in coverage area simultaneity.

Helios® Multi-Band Fiber Optic Repeater System is an innovation technology and is designed to simultaneity solve problems of 2G & 3G & 4G multi-band weak mobile signals in areas far away from the 2G & 3G & 4G Base Stations (BTS) and have fiber optic cable network available.

Helios® Multi-Band Fiber Optic Repeater System mainly consists of two main equipment as follows:

  • Fiber DAS Donor HUB Unit – Optic Master Unit (OMU): to captures the respective 2G & 3G & 4G BTS signals via direct coupler closed to respective 2G & 3G & 4G BTS, then converts these signals into optical signal and transmits to the Remote Units via fiber optic cable.
  • Fiber DAS Optic Remote Unit (ORU): it will be installed on target coverage site with an IP-67 Case or a compact standard 19”/5U single chassis and supports upgrading from Single Band to Dual Band/ Tri Band and even Quad Band with just adding separate RF Cards easily

Key Features

  • Supports up to four frequency bands (GSM/DCS/UMTS/LTE FDD/LTE TDD)
  • One Master Unit can support up to 8 Remote Units by STAR connection
  • One IP-65 Remote Unit can support up to 2 technologies and also can be expanded with multiple ORUs cascaded
  • High gain linear wide-band power amplifier technique with reliable performance, support multi-carriers
  • Scalable Output power +37dBm ~ +43dBm for option
  • RJ-45 port as LAN Port to support IP WEB Browser GUI for local control
  • Additional RJ-45 port as WAN Port to support remotely access through Internet/Intranet/VPN
  • Built-in 2G/3G/4G wireless modem (Option) for remote monitoring by SMS or Data Link
  • Details repeater parameters and status can be monitoring by built-in web interface, such as RSSI, temperature, output power level, gain, ATT, return loss, VSWR, Optic link, PA state and etc
  • Unique compact IP-65 rated mRRU design for pole and wall mounted
  • Flexible IP-65 rated waterproof Hot-swappable external Fan Tray with four high-performance temperature-controlled fans for increasing ventilation and better airflow
  • Option 19” stackable rack-mounted cabinet with modular design is available based on project requirement
  • iBwave VEX component files are available for your in-building wireless and fiber network design and deployment projects
  • SNMP V2 & V3 support with a MIB File


To expand signal coverage of fill signal blind area where signal is weak or unavailable.

  • Outdoor: Airports, Tourism Regions, Golf Courses, Tunnels, Factories, Mining Districts, Villages etc.
  • Indoor: Hotels, Exhibition Centers, Basements, Shopping Malls, Offices and Packing Lots etc.

System Diagram