Helios® 5G NR Multi-Operator In-Train Repeater

Innovative 5G NR wireless coverage solution for In-Train


Providing reliable 5G NR services inside High-speed Trains is challenging in many respects. High-speed Trains travel through dense deployed 5G NR gNB along trackside requiring the 5G NR Multi-Operator In-Train Repeater to seamless roaming among these 5G NR gNBs along the trackside and quickly synchronized with them. The Repeater Equipment is subject to constant vibration conditions and occasional high shock levels. Also, the Donor Antenna, usually located on the roof the Train Carriage, must have sufficient Isolation from the Service Antenna to ensure that a Self-Oscillation condition is not initiated. Many new Rolling Stock are delivered with Built-In 19” Rack Space to house In-Train Repeaters.

For these reasons, Helios® Technologies has developed our rack-mount Digital 5G NR Multi-Operator In-Train Repeaters to resolve these issues. It provides a fully Digital software-based platform and enables on-the-fly filter It provides a fully Digital software-based platform.

Utilizing ultra-wide bandwidth RF front-end design with Software Define Radio (SDR) architecture, Helios® 5G NR Multi-Operator In-Train Repeater system enables the most flexible, scalable and complete solution for addressing in-train 5G NR coverage for multiple operators.


  • Supports single band 5G NR N38, N41, N77, N78, N43 (FR1 Customized)
  • IP-67 19” compact cabinet enables to eliminate condensation in harsh cold environment
  • Full digital software and hardware platform with Ultra-wide RF front-end design and
  • supports up to 100MHz bandwidth to meet the potentially huge bandwidth demand
  • while ensuring superb 5G services Advanced digital filtering algorithms supports up to 4 tunable sub-bands with individual gain control for multiple telecom operator
  • Unique 20dB dynamic compensate/control range will automatically ensure the RF signals from different operator to be keep same power level
  • Composite downlink RF output power +24dBm with 75dB gain significantly improves 5G NR network capacity for operators
  • 5G NR based-band synchronization algorithms in SDR enables adaptive, accurate, speedy and reliable frame synchronization with 5G NR gNB and working in harmony with macro network
  • Lower cost of indoor coverage and rapidly increases capacity of 5G NR wireless networks
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) continuously monitors path loss and transmit power to deliver max gain
  • RJ-45 Port as LAN port to support IP Web Browser GUI for Local Control
  • Built-in 4G wireless modem (Option) for remote monitoring by Data Link

System Diagram

Technical Specifications

ItemsHELIOS Digital 5G NR Multi-Operator In-Train Repeater
Frequency (Customized)5G NR N38, N41, N43, N77, N78, N79
Filter Design100MHz*n (Customized)
UL/DL Allocation ConfigurableAdaptive with Donor 5G gNB
RF Composite Output Power24±2dBm
Gain75dB (+/- 2dB)
AGC Control RangeMin. 30dB
Noise FigureMax 8dB
Local ControlIP Web Browser GUI via RJ-45 Port
I/O Impedance50 ohm
IP RatingIP67
MTBFMin. 100,000 Hours
Power SupplyDC-48V or AC220V (+/-15%), 50Hz (Customized)
Power Consumption≤40W * n
Dimension19" 4U Rack-mounted
WeightMax. 20Kgs