Helios® 5G NR Digital Off-Air Repeater

Leading seamless 5G NR wireless coverage in buildings


Statistics show 70% of 4G mobile services takes place indoors. Considering the diversified 5G mobile services and expanded mobile industry boundary, this figure will increase to 85%. Therefore, the quality indoor network will be the core competitive edge of mobile operators in 5G era.

When the network evolves from 4G to 5G, it will face multiple challenges in indoor mobile network, such as user experience, capacity expansion, network coverage and so on. 5G mobile network use C-band and mmWave that are on much higher frequency bands than 2G, 3G, and 4G counterparts. Higher frequency bands lead to greater link losses. The signals on the higher mmWave band even will experience difficulty in penetrating through a wall as the link loss exceeds 60dB.

HELIOS® 5G-NR Digital Off-Air Repeater is a carrier-grade, consumer-friendly digital smart signal booster that maximizes a subscriber’s indoor wireless experience by eliminating in-building dead zones. With HELIOS® 5G Baseband TDD synchronization and SDR (Software Define Radio) technology, it enables accurate, speedy and reliable synchronization with 5G NR gNB and working in harmony with the Macro network.

HELIOS® 5G NR Repeater is designed for TDD Telecom Operators who are looking to enhance 5G coverage where cellular signal is weak or unavailable or poor data throughput. It is a real and intelligent solution to solve the last mile coverage problem. Versions with support in 5G FDD Bands are available, as are Multi-Band 5G / LTE versions.

With ultra-low-noise RF frontend, innovative digital filter, high SFDR (Spurious Free Dynamic Range) ADC, 5G NR base-band synchronization algorithms in SDR, Helios® 5G NR Digital Off-Air Pico Repeater enables adaptive, accurate, speedy and reliable frame synchronization with 5G NR gNB and working in harmony with macro network.

Helios® 5G NR Digital Off-Air Pico Repeater is designed for small/medium business and home users looking to enhance 5G NR indoor wireless connectivity. It will be connected via coaxial cable to an outside 2T2R/4T4R Donor Antenna and several 2T2R/4T4R Indoor Services Antennas, Donor Antenna is placed outside the building where it has easy access to 5G NR gNB signal, and the Service Antennas are placed in the building where they can extend 5G NR radio coverage to the blind area.


  • Supports single band 5G NR N38, N41, N77, N78, N43 (FR1 Customized)
  • Support 2T2R RF path and each RF path support max 100MHz bandwidth
  • Full digital software and hardware platform based on SDR technique
  • Various 100MHz, 90MHz, 80MHz, 70MHz, 60MHz, 50MHz, 40MHz, 30MHz, 25MHz, 20MHz or 15MHz filtering bandwidth configurable or upgradeable by software
  • High working gain as Min. 75dB significantly improves 5G NR network capacity for operators
  • RF output power +24dBm per port for small coverage area
  • 5G NR based-band synchronization algorithms in SDR enables adaptive, accurate, speedy and reliable frame synchronization with 5G NR gNB and working in harmony with macro network
  • Lower cost of indoor coverage and rapidly increases capacity of 5G NR wireless networks
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) continuously monitors path loss and transmit power to deliver max gain
  • RJ-45 Port as LAN port to support IP Web Browser GUI for Local Control
  • Built-in 4G wireless modem (Option) for remote monitoring by Data Link

System Diagram

Technical Specifications

ItemsHELIOS Digital 5G NR Off-Air Repeater
Frequency (Customized)5G NR N38, N41, N43, N77, N78, N79
Channel Bandwidth100MHz, 90MHz, 80MHz, 60MHz, 40MHz or 20MHz (Customized)
RF Path Design5G NR 2T2R
RF Composite Output Power24±2dBm per Port
Gain75dB (+/- 2dB)
UL/DL Allocation ConfigurableAdaptive with Donor 5G gNB
Noise FigureMax 8dB
Local ControlIP Web Browser GUI via RJ-45 Port
I/O Impedance50 ohm
IP RatingIP40
MTBFMin. 100,000 Hours
Power SupplyAC220V (+/-15%), 50Hz
Power Consumption≤40W
Dimension355mm * 226mm * 60mm
WeightMax. 6Kgs