HELIOS® VHF/UHF Digital Pico Repeaters for DMR/PMR


HELIOS® Technologies designs and manufactures VHF/UHF Repeaters to enhance the radio coverage of PMR/DMR private radio networks. We provide secure and reliable radio coverage for critical communications for the owners, users and emergency services in major infrastructures like shopping centers, exhibition halls, convention centers, hospitals, confined areas such as service corridors, road & rail tunnels, underground car parks, offshore platforms, underground mines and etc.

Because each installation/project is unique, HELIOS® Technologies proposes a complete portfolio of solutions with digital off-air and optical repeaters, advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technologies as band selective, channel selective, AGC per channel, frequency shifting, CPRI transportation, remote monitoring via HTTP-SNMP. Our DMR/PMR digital repeaters (BDA) can be successfully installed and used all around the globe, as our know-how lets us produce digital repeaters of all dimensions and technical features.

HELIOS® Technologies’ indoor coverage solutions can meet all the requirements of any individual public safety network or private radio network. HELIOS® Technologies provides digital VHF/UHF repeaters that are homologated to enhance safety networks and private radio networks. HELIOS® Technologies’ compact size and multi-channel digital VHF/UHF repeater enhances RF coverage in confined areas to enhance the public safety networks or private radio networks with large coverage capability and no near-far effect. All of HELIOS® public safety digital repeaters are easy to install and are operated and controlled by SNMP, SCADA or Ethernet using a web browser.

Also, we produce digital VHF/UHF repeaters that are customizable to the client’s needs and different state legislations, and they can process any frequencies due to advantage of SDR technique. Our products meet all the regulatory standards and specifications, such as national public safety and technical requirements.

The HELIOS® Digital VHF/UHF Off-Air Repeaters employ Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology based upon our FPGA & DSP Platform. This achieves high out of-band rejection and high intra-Carrier interference compared to traditional Analog IF SAW filters. It also enables on-the-fly filter change/upgrade by software without an expensive hardware upgrade. It has two RF connectors, one connected to the donor antenna pointing toward the base station and the second one is connected to the service antennas or radiating cable in tunnel or building. Monitoring and control can be done via SNMP, SCADA, via Ethernet using a web browser installed on a PC which gives access to the GUI, or remotely via an optional LTE modem which allows accessing the repeaters GUI from everywhere.

With waterproof wall-mounted cabinet, the HELIOS® public safety repeaters can be installed in the harshest environment, indoors or outdoors. HELIOS® Digital VHF/UHF Off-air Repeaters can be ordered with different frequencies, powers (low, medium, and high), different power supply voltages, with or without redundancy power supply, with or without battery backup, and with a 2G/3G/4G wireless modem.

Key Features

  • Support VHF Simplex / VHF Duplex / UHF Duplex bands for the PMR / DMR private radio networks
  • Full digital software and hardware platform based on SDR technique
  • Both support Simplex & Duplex operation mode
  • Optional support tunable sub-band 200KHz to 5MHz
  • Oscillation Detection and Mitigation function
  • Up to 8 channels independently processed
  • High working gain Min. 70dB
  • RF composite power 17dBm, 20dBm and 27dBm for option
  • Through per channel and per channel AGC/ALC functionalities
  • Low Group Delay for high selectivity channelized filter design
  • RJ-45 Port as LAN port to support IP Web Browser GUI for Local Control
  • Additional RJ-45 Port as WAN port to support remote access through Internet/Intranet/VPN
  • Built-in 2G/3G/4G wireless modem (Option) for remote monitoring by SMS or Data Link
  • Details repeater parameters and status can be monitoring by built-in web interface, such as RSSI, temperature, channel switch, PA switch, output power level, gain, ATT, return loss, VSWR etc.
  • SNMP V2 & V3 + MIB file supported
  • Dry Contact for Alarm External
  • IP43 rating and convection cooling