• Netview™ Uniform & Powerful OMC Platform

    The Uniform & Powerful Network Management Solution to monitor and manage the entire portfolio of Helios® products both in Cellular and Public Safety domains.

  • Fully Flexible Web Based GUI

    Based on a client-server architecture, it provides an always-on service with front-end web applications.

  • Simple Deployment and Easy Management

    Built-in SNMP agent and MIB file will support the interface / protocols of SNMP v2 & v3 and easily integrated into customer OSS.

Helios® Netview™ 2020 OMC

The Uniform & Powerful Network Management Solution


With the rapid development of the mobile communication networks, RF Repeaters have become one of the most important technical means in the construction and optimization of the mobile communication network, owing to their cost effectiveness, short construction period, and easy installation etc. The Helios® Network Management Monitor System (NMS) can conduct remote real-time supervision and control of Repeaters and DAS, allowing unattended monitoring and operation.

The Helios® Netview™ Network Management System (NMS) 2020 is designed to monitor and manage Helios® Wireless Network Optimization Equipment, such as RF Repeaters, Analog Optical DAS, Digital CPRI Fiber DAS, Frequency Shift Repeaters, Bi-directional Amplifiers, and Indoor Pico Repeaters, it is able to collect the equipment’s’ data and transfer operation parameters to the Repeaters in order to help telecom operators easily monitor and manage each equipment’s running status wherever deployed.

Helios® Netview™ NMS consists of a Microsoft® Internet/Intranet Information Center Server, Helios® Repeater Local WEB GUI, SMS/Cellular Datalink/ IP Network, Cellular Wireless Modem and Main Control Unit (MCU).

  • Helios® NMS Internet/Intranet Information Center Server: It consists of a Microsoft® Server with Helios® Netview™ 2020 Software and Cellular Wireless Modem (option). The Helios® NetView™ 2020 Software is latest network administration version which will be run under IIS of the Windows Server; it is specially designed for the administration team of a Telecom Operator to configure, monitor, manage and control the whole wireless optimization network, it is the console center for all Helios® Repeaters, BDAs and Optical DAS, and is able to help operator to search, locate, inquire, configure, monitor, control, save data and statistics remotely by Chrome, IE or Safari Browsers.
  • Helios® Repeater Local WEB GUI: It is built-in WEB GUI in Helios® It is a simple version of the Repeater Console WEB Platform specially designed for engineers to make on-site diagnosis, debugging and configuration for installation and maintenance. It is very easily operated by Chrome or IE Browsers with no need to install any special software in the computer.
  • SMS / Cellular Datalink / IP Network: It is supplied by Telecom Operator, and it is the communication between NMS Center Server and remote Repeaters & DAS.
  • Cellular Wireless Modem: All of Helios® Repeaters may have an optional built-in 2G/3G/4G cellular wireless modem for communication with NMS Center Server through SMS, GPRS, 3G or 4G Datalink.
  • Main Control Unit (MCU): It is in charge of controlling each component inside the Repeaters, and also collecting their working status data, such as Uplink LNA, Downlink LNA, Uplink PA, Downlink PA, DSP Module, Frequency Converter, Power Supply Unit, Modem and Magnetic Door Switch.

Features and Benefits


  • User friendly Windows-based interface
  • Connect Repeater’s LAN port by CAT5E cables or remote access repeater through Intranet/Internet/VPN through WAN port or built-in 2G/3G/4G cellular wireless modem
  • Retrieving and implementing RF parameters of Repeater
  • Excellent for trouble shooting application
  • User will very easily visit NMS Center Server through Intranet/Internet/VPN by WEB browser
  • Built-in Repeater Local WEB GUI is specially designed for RF technicians in on-site installation and maintenance by web browser with no need for special software
  • Be able to work with all Helios® products, such as Fiber Optic DAS, RF Repeaters, Frequency Shift Repeaters, and Indoor Pico Repeaters etc.
  • Supports upgrading of software & firmware remotely
  • Built-in SNMP agent and MIB file will support the interface / protocols of SNMP v2 & v3 and easily integrated into operator’s current 3rd party NMS system.


Block Schematic of Flow Communication Process